Saturday, January 13, 2018

Abuse of Narrow Focus Meditation for Mind Control

I was monitoring a conversation between a TM practitioner and another person on a reddit thread the last couple of days, when the other person asked me, "Would you mind helping me explain why and how meditation can exacerbate the effects of the mental abuse and manipulation?" Inasmuch as the context of the "debate" was about TM, I answered thus, which may be of interest to others here who want to understand the dynamics of cult manipulations.

TM (Transcendental Meditation) is a narrow focus meditation done with a repeated mantrum solely on the aural sensory channel. This is diametrically opposed to an open-awareness meditation (like Vipassana) that usually begins with paying attention to the breath, but then expands to paying attention to the entire body on any or all sensory channels, including whatever the mind has to say about the sensory experience. The awareness, however, is *outside* the paradigm (i.e. "frame" or "box") of that commentary.
Because the former is "point-of-focus" (PoF) it cancels out incoming awareness of stimuli on other channels, as well as any consideration of or commentary about such stimuli. Which makes it the perfect vehicle for setting up its practitioners to train the subject to focus solely on what the guru or leader is saying.
If commentary on cults going back to Jesus's time is accurate, PoF has been abused by gurus for several millennia. Exiters of several ostensibly "Hindu" and "Buddhist" cults (including ISKCON and OSHO), as well as some of the "human potential" cults (including CoS, Silva Mind Control, Ekankar and est / The Forum / Landmark), told me that they were subjected to increasingly more abusive "harrangues" and "verbal abuse" as they moved up the levels of the pyramid toward more loyal, "responsible," authoritarian, guru-replicant levels.
None of them understood what was going on. But it became clear to me as a Watson-, Skinner- and Bandura-trained, "behavior modification" psychotherapist that they were being subjected to a far more efficient, effective and cynical version of what used to be called "sensitivity training" in police academies, "management-by-intimidation training" in radical business management schools, and "instructional conditioning" in military officer candidate school. (Think "An Officer & A Gentleman.")
Thus, PoF meditation itself does not so much exacerbate the effects as it concentrates the mind's attention onto the "emotional blackmail" utilization of "FOG" -- or fearobligation & guilt -- as well as shame for failing to meet the guru's and peers' mandates, expectations and requirements. (The mandates, expectations and requirements are increasingly internalized into the superego's of the PoF meditation practitioner who is subjected to this type of behavior modification scheme.)
The true believing original poster here will now go to the list of pull-quotes he has been given (or has developed himself, IDK4S) to attempt to refute what I just wrote. He cannot do otherwise because his own mind has internalized the instructional conditioning via applied use of social constructivism. He is no longer free to react in any manner other than to defend what he has been animal-trained to believe without feeling discomfiting fear, failed obligation and intolerable guilt if he fails to do so.

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  1. I like open-focus meditation because it lets you use all your senses, including the internal ones.

    And that connection between sensitivity training and the things Hindu and Buddhist cults do, Rodger!